Design Guidelines

Design Guidelines

We aim to make sure our customers develop their brand in the most effective way. By working with PSC, our goal is to ensure that your company builds connections with your target audience by providing the brand imagery that you’ve envisioned. Our production capability is willing to work with you on designing new, or reproducing existing artwork and custom designs that will meet, and exceed your expectations.


Acceptable Software - MAC Platform:

Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, & Photoshop or QuarkXPress.

* Please note, NO WORD, EXCEL or POWERPOINT files or there will be a re-formatting fee of $200 per hour, minimum one hour.

* We are a MAC based platform. All artwork designed on a PC must have fonts converted to outlines.

All Final Art Files

  • CMYK or Grayscale preferred. - RGB and Spot Colors will be converted to CMYK unless specified. - Color shift may occur. A color proof can be provided.

• Images: Must accompany art or be embedded at a minimum of 300dpi. • Size: 3.375”x2.125” ( 85.725mm x 53.975mm) Created at 100% • Bleed: Minimum .125” ( 3.175mm ) • Fonts: Must accompany submitted art files or be converted to outlines. • PDFs: High resolution, “High Quality Print” PDFs only.

( Using other PDF presets can produce poor results.)

Photoshop Files:

• Final art must ONLY be the layers you want printed. • Art must NOT be flattened. • Minimum of 300dpi or greater • All Final Art requirements above apply.

If you have any questions, please contact Customer Service at 1-732-542-0700. 

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Design Guidelines

Design Guidelines