Juan has more than 30 years of experience in the sales and distribution of consumables and equipment in the plastic card industry throughout North & South America. The past 25 of those years have been spent building Product Technology Corporation (PROTEC). During that time, Juan has built quality relationships with many of the manufacturers of the supply chain vendors and products that are involved with making plastic cards. Juan is also the co-owner of CheckPoint Printing, a non-secure card manufacturer in Nashville, Tennessee, producing ~200 million cards/year, including blank, printed, RFID, and other technology cards. He is also co-owner of ProCard Tape, the leading US producer of overlay with mag stripe distributed throughout the card manufacturing community. He has recognized the value of creating a short run secure card manufacturing culture strategically located in the northeast corridor of the U.S. 


Vincent has a background in accounting and finance, having had started his career in public accounting approximately 25 years ago. Vince is a co-owner of Checkpoint Card Technology (Checkpoint), a non-secure manufacturer in Nashville, TN, along with Juan Mejia, and has been their CFO for the past 7 years. During his time as CFO of Checkpoint and PSC, in addition to providing strong fiscal guidance, has developed similar relationships with various suppliers in the plastic card industry. Having positioned himself between both of the aforementioned entities, Vince has developed strategic buying partnerships to leverage volume purchasing, favorable terms and well-managed supply chains within the marketplace. During his 25 years and throughout his carrier, Vince has implemented invaluable workflows and management systems to streamline and meet the diverse needs of the market to our customers.


With a background in project management, computer science and hospitality, Mark came to the card industry in 1990 with Plasticard Products Inc., a startup hotel keycard manufacturer. Mark joined the company, now known as Plasticard-Locktech International (PLI), as General Manager, the third person hired, and shortly thereafter became an owner. Serving for 25 years as President and CEO, Mark was PLI’s hands-on executive. He is credited with providing the vision, leadership, infrastructure, and foundation that allowed PLI to grow, and today be recognized as the world’s largest non-secure card manufacture. Currently producing ~1,000,000,000 cards per year, and having acquired  CPI’s Las Vegas card facility in 2015, PLI’s manufacturability is ~300,000 square feet wide, staffed by 700 employees. Unique in the card industry, PLI directly serves over 40,000 individual customers and successfully produces long, and short run  commercial card orders. Having retired from PLI in 2015, Mark now brings to PSC his diverse operating and team building experience, as well as his ability to identify and quickly respond to the growing needs of our industry.


Yogan comes to Protec Secure Card (“PSC”) with 30 years of experience in the plastics industry.  His career began with Telecredit Tampa, Florida.  Yogan held various positions through his tenure with Telecredit including Director of Card Personalization.  Through several mergers and acquisitions, Telecredit became Equifax, then Certegy and today is now FIS Global. In 1998, he joined Global Card Services Inc. (now known as Valid USA) as General Manager. During his time with Valid, Yogan secured Visa, MasterCard, AMEX and Discover certifications. In addition, he grew Valid’s secure and non-secure business exponentially which led Yogan to also making many contacts in the plastic card industry along the way. In 2013, Yogan relocated to Malaysia as General Manager for Datasonic Corporation, the largest publicly held card company in Malaysia. It was at this point in his career with Datasonic where he acquired his skills and knowledge of EMV cards prior to the US migration to EMV. Yogan has joined PSC as the Director of Client Development where his years of experience, knowledge, and relationship management in the plastic card industry will provide the organization with expertise to help customers achieve desired results in the most cost effective manner.