Our operational framework is rooted in the attention to detail regarding the industry’s standards, and the ability to meet the needs and demands of the customer with these in mind. As a company, we have an obligation to provide an outstanding product to deliver a first-rate customer experience within card manufacturing. We do this by the synthesizing our four key principles to provide manufacturing this excellence. Scroll over each one for more information.



Secure operations is our number one priority; security is our business. We honor and respect the strict demand for regulating the production of each card we manufacture. Choosing Protec Secure Card guarantees protection of your secure product, from creation to completion.



Protec Secure Card is dedicated to producing a quality product in its state of the art facility. All of our work is part of a process that must be owned, measured, improved, standardized, and controlled, to ensure confidence in the products’ longevity.



Protec Secure Card looks to establish a lasting relationship built on trust and maintained with a relentless focus on defining, understanding and meeting the expectations of both our internal, and external customers. To sustain that fcus – now and in the future – we will constantly monitor our customer’s changing needs, and continuously measure how well we are meeting those needs.



We strive to streamline and constantly improve our process to deliver our products.  Protec Secure Card operates such that we provide you with a quick turnaround for your small run. We will prioritize your needs to ensure your cards are produced efficiently, and shipped quickly.



Protec Secure Card recognizes the necessity to adhere to all PCI standards. As such, the company is committed to complying with strict procedures to honor these security standards.

Furthermore, PSC has ensured that our products have met or exceeded all CQM and ISO card requirements prior to officially passing said certifications. Moving forward, we aim to maintain this level of excellence, and strive to continuously improve our procedures, methods, and quality level.



State-of-the-art, cutting-edge technology will ensure your product is produced to top quality. Protec Secure Card’s automation and instrumentation repertoire is comprised of many esteemed, deluxe brands, such as:

  • Oasys
  • HP
  • Kurz
  • Heidelberg
  • Muhlbauer
  • Harris & Bruno