Protec Secure Card will provide its clients goods and services that meet their needs and exceed their expectation.
Protec Secure Card will continue to develop and utilize the best technology, qualified personnel, and an effective organizational structure. 
Protec Secure Card will remain committed to our compliance with all applicable standards and requirements, and to continuous improvement.



Protec Secure Card aspires to be a leading manufacturer in the Short Run Financial Card Industry.



Protec Secure Card’s mission is as follows:

  • Be a leading provider in the short run financial card market
  • Continuously research and develop new products and technology
  • Implement and maintain continuous betterment of the organization




MOTIVATION: Our employees are able and willing to take on any challenge, and always look to do what is best for the customer. Employees are an integral part of our organization, and we recognize their value through their effort and determination.


SECURITY: We offer stability and protection to our clients. We believe security is a culture where an individual must look out for all others as well as themselves, and rely on a company whose structure ensures confidence and reliability.


QUALITY: Our company culture ensures that each of our products and services are perfected through standardizing processes and achieving goals. We build strategies that allow us to continuously improve in order to achieve our needs, and the needs of those around us.


RESPONSIBILITY: We ensure each individual involved in our organization assumes the same excellence and approaches his or her work in such a manner that he continuously strives for the system to be improved.


TEAMWORK: Protec Secure Card maintains active communication to increase company performance, and all of its employees contribute to creative ideas that lead to process standardization, tasks simplification, and achieve effective solutions.


HONESTY: Our team looks to create genuine relationships with our customers and providers based on a simple, sincere, and truthful foundation. 


RESPECT: We hold each individual’s attitude, abilities, and treatment in high regard, whether that individual be within the organization or an outside party.